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Our stories are unique and priceless. Learn to put  the details of your experiences and memories down in a story of my life journey book.
Not everyone deserves to hear your story now. Everyone is not mature enough to hear your story.

I noted something my mentor told me. She said: “you can share a bit of your story only when it is in the past that got nothing on you”.

Few years from now, you’d be all grown up and strong and everything awesome, then you can share that story to those who’d treasure it so much it becomes an inspiration and motivation.

Do not let the madness of social media make you let a story out before time.
I made myself a promise before the start of 2021 that I’d never again share any story of my life in the present or present continuous tense on any of my social media handles.

And that, if I would post anything in the present tense, it would be about my Faith, calling, personal, friends’ and teens’ hussles.

That story of yours they are trivializing is of both legacy and monetary value.

Lastly, when you are ready, share your story from a place of complete healing, strength and courage.

© Chinwendu Gospel Okoh

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