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“I’m inside … the waiter just showed me to a table she said you reserved.” I said and adjusted my seat and looked around.
“I’m in the driveway. Give me a minute to find a parking space.” I heard him say through the phone before he hung up. I placed my phone in front of me on the table as I looked around excitedly. I was hanging out with my dad and I wasn’t just excited about it, I was happy I had someone who wanted to be with me.
“Right this way, sir.” I heard the waiter who had brought me here say behind me. I turned to see my smiling father walking towards me. I smiled broadly as I waved at him even as close as he was to me. He giggled a little as he walks up to the table then looked back. I felt my smile fade away when I saw my mother and siblings walking in trying to probably fake smiles.
“What are they doing here, Daddy?” I whispered to my father who gave me a confusing look.
“They are here because we’re hanging out today, I told you right?” He said as he tried to keep his voice low and his smile intact.
“You said we were hanging out not everyone! Just the two of us!” I said screaming lowly between clenched teeth.
“Hey baby.” My mum said as she pat my head and sat next to me.
“Hey sis.” I heard Gloria say from behind me as she walked to an empty chair. Kevin and Tiffany stared at me smiling before sitting down. My dad pulled his chair and sat too. I smiled at him as my eyes wandered to the others who were smiling and staring at me.
“Should I leave?” I asked.
“No, of course not, Why should you?” They all echoed as they exchanged looks. There was a deafening silence as everyone kept exchanging looks and starring at me.
“Waiter!” I screamed throwing my right hand up without thinking. They were making me uncomfortable. They weren’t talking and as satisfying as that was, their stares were making me so uncomfortable. A tall gorgeous young man quickly walked to our table smiling.
“Welcome to Xclusive, I would be your Waiter for the evening. Would you like to order anything you already have in mind or would you like to go over the menu while I get appetizers?” He asks with a smile.

“Excellent service, I must say. Please, get the appetizers first, I need to eat something.” I said smiling at him.
“Please, what would the rest of you have?” He asked as he turned to the others.
“I don’t think they would be having anything. They don’t like to be seen in public with me, let alone eat on the same table with me. But you can ask him though.” I said pointing at my father while avoiding everyone’s looks. The waiter stood there looking from me to them for some seconds in confusion before he cleared his throat and looked at my father.
“We would all have appetizers. Let me have the menu, please.” My Dad said to the waiter as everyone nodded, then he walked away.
“You didn’t have to do that, Bella.” My mother said as she looked at me with concern.
“Oh I am really so sorry mother!” I said sarcastically as I smiled at her.
“She is still your mother, Buzz. Don’t talk to her like that, understood?” My Dad asked as I nodded at him.
“I’m sorry, Daddy.”
“You should apologise to her and your siblings for what you said. He said as I looked at him confusingly.
“Apologize for saying the truth? It’s not like they all want to be seen outside with me anyway. They all don’t! I don’t know why you are here but I do know that this act is getting old really quick.” I leaned into my chair as I sighed. I turned to the other customers who looked all peaceful and happy as they ate. The waiter returned with a roller and our bowls in them. He placed tiny bowls of fruit salad in front of us with our menus and walk away. I opened my sealed bowl by pocking the sealing material with fork.
“Mummy do you remember that time in Dubai when Kelvin almost shit himself because he couldn’t open the hotel door with the card.” Gloria said giggling.
“Stop nah, we promised to put that behind us.” Kelvin said as they all shared a laugh and I watched them emotionless.
“It was that time he was walking with his thighs joined and his hand on his butt cheek with tears in his eyes.” My mother said and they all laughed again probably nodding as Kevin pouts, embarrassed at the topic.
“At least he made it to the toilet without soiling himself.” They all nodded laughing again as I felt my father’s eyes on me.
“Buzz darling, you do remember that right?” He asks as he chews up his salad.
” Oh! I don’t father. I was locked in the room with tons of school work given to me by ‘my’ mother because she felt I was a dummy. Please, don’t ask about other things that happened on that trip because I was never out of that room until we left but you were so busy with work remember? Maybe you don’t really know but I was never seen with them on that trip, except at the airport or in the plane. Could you please excuse me, I want to pee.” I excused myself as I walked into the toilet and locked it. I was feeling like a stranger all over again. I washed my face and hands as I stared at myself in the mirror. I joined them minutes later and the lunch went on with awkward discussions and remarks.

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