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“I know you haven’t told me everything you have been through. It’s fine that you could let out this bit of information. I need you to know that I totally respect that. I didn’t even expect you to say anything on the second week. I mean, you are very courageous!”

“You don’t crave attention, Mirabelle. You are one of the strongest persons I have ever met. You’re beautiful, smart and different. Your family may not understand this but you are their most important possession. They’ve been putting up defensive mechanisms but they love you more than anything you can imagine. You don’t have to believe me but it’s true.”

He said as his phone rang immediately. He excused himself to take the call. I stared at his smiling face and I noticed a burn scar I hadn’t seen before. I took a closer look at him and noticed other scars around his left wrist and his elbow. They looked almost like my old scars or my soon to be new scars.

“Take this.” He said as he hands me the phone.
“It’s your father, he wants to speak with you. He said he can’t seem toreach your line”

I took the phone from him.

“Hello?” I whispered
“Hey Buzz, darling. Are you done with Dr Martin?” I heard him ask as his voice echoed.
“Yeah, I guess. Why?”
“I was thinking we could hang out?” He asked as I smiled trying to trace an imaginary object on a wall nearby.
“Okay, send me the address so I can meet up with you.” I said excitedly as I turned to smile at the doctor.
“Okay darling. See you in a bit.” I hung up as I smiled even wilder.
“Could we end this session now and maybe continue tomorrow? I have a ‘date’ with my dad ASAP.” I said as I stood up feeling jumpy. The doctor smirked and nodded.
“Sure, go on. Lemme hurriedly peruse this file on the table. You could go get dressed while I do that.” I nodded excitedly as I dashed for the door hopping happily.


The door hidden behind the big shelf at the end of the room slid open as Mr Frank stepped out with the family to see a disappointed Dr Martin.
“I can’t believe she thinks I hate her.” Mrs Frank said as she sat on the chair her daughter just got up from.
“You called her a maid, what were you even thinking?” Kelvin said as he leaned on the wall behind their mother.
“I can’t believe she was molested and I didn’t kill the bastards!” Mr Frank was fuming now.
“You all have failed her as a daughter and sister. You need to fix it, all of you! He barked.

Why was everyone feeling like she was just craving attention when she hadn’t even been given any of it?

Like she barely knows how being loved feels like and thanks to all of you in this room” He thundered as he pointed at everyone.

“This is a family for Pete’s sake! What’s wrong with everyone? The earlier we fix this mess, the better for us all. We are the reason she lost taste for life and wanted to kill herself”. He said as tiny drops of tears glidded their way down the side of his nose.

“There is one more thing, she mustn’t know you were in there during the whole thearpy session or she wouldn’t want to continue. I did this so you could be here and so you can listen directly to the offended. You have a hang out to meet up with so I suggest you move it.” Dr Martin picked his bag and left the room. Mr Frank sighs as he looked at his family.
“We messed this up and we would fix it, whatever it takes, understood?”
“Yes, Dad.” They all muttered, heads bowed down in shame and maybe remorse.

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