Sad – who that?

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Why do we have to wait for her to eat?” I heard my younger sister say from the dinning.
“Because she is your sister, Tiffany.” My mom replied calmly.
“A sister who thinks she is better alone.” I heard my brother wine.
That’s enough all of you! Everyone at this table made her what she is. We are the reason she decided to give up on life and instead of helping her heal, we plan on making it worse again? What is wrong with all of you?” My dad yelled leaving the whole dinning silent. I didn’t want to join them at the table. We never ate at the table except if we had a family meeting or special day and today wasn’t a special day and I wasn’t ready for a meeting either. But my dad had come to ask me to dinner in my room and I feel I owe him that much for being there for me this week. I slowly walked into the quiet room, making my way towards the empty chair close to my father.
“What took you so long baby? We were thinking you wouldn’t come.” I sat down ignoring my mother and the mocking giggles I could hear from my siblings.
“Pray for the food, Gloria.” My dad said to my elder sister. Everyone sat up, shut their eyes as my sister began to pray. They all looked vulnerable and stupid with their eyes shut. I hope God can look into their hearts right now and see how wickedness clouds every part, then pay them all back in bigger coins.
“Amen.” I heard them all chorus as they all opened their eyes and began dishing out their foods. I reached for the apple at the far end and as I was about to stand up, Gloria handed it to me.
“Thanks.” I replied collecting it as she smiled at me and nodded. Everyone in the room stopped to stare at us for seconds before they continued dishing out their meal.
“So how does it feel to almost die?” My brother asked sarcastically as I bit into my apple.
“Stop it. Don’t talk to her like that.” My mother replied surprising everyone. This was the first time I have ever heard her defend me and as satisfying as that sounded, it was super weird. I clear my throat as I sat up and looked at my brother. I tilted my head to the right and gave him a huge smile.
“You know for a supposed to be smart ass, you are so freakishly dumb. Now can you be a good elder brother that you couldn’t be and pass me the dish spoon so I can get something to eat?” I said still smiling broadly at him. The room was quiet as everyone stared at me. I stood a little and collected the spoon from him, dished my food and started eating. If there is one thing I heard from the therapist, it would be her telling me that I was different in my family and different means special and most of them might be threatened by me.
Dinner was quiet, there were no more side comments or criticism. The same happened at breakfast, no long discussions or anything entertaining; just eat and walk away.
“Who is it?!” I yelled at the person knocking on my room door from my bed.
“It’s Gideon, ma. Your father has asked you to his study downstairs.” He answered from behind the door. I heard him walk away as I sat up and picked up my short to wear. I made my way to the study and knocked.
“The door is open.” I turned the door knob and walked in. There was a young man in the room sitting directly opposite my father in his arm chair. I greeted them both as I walk to my father’s side.
“Buzz darling, this is Dr Martin. He is a recommended doctor for you.” He said I looked at the smiling man opposite me.
“Recommended? For what?” I asked
“Oh he would be your therapist for the next month.”
“My therapist? I don’t need a therapist! We talked about this.” I yelled feeling betrayed. We both agreed that I didn’t need to talk about my pain to someone who would act like he/she understands what I’m going through. I wasn’t going to agree to this at all. I turned to walk away, fuming.
“Buzz please, let’s talk about this. Please?” I stopped in my track. He didn’t deserve my attitude. He wasn’t so fair to me as his child but he has been trying to be a better father. He does deserve my respect eventually, besides how bad would it be? It’s for a month, then he will walk away. I just need to bore the therapist away or trick him into believing I’m absolutely fine.
“I will agree to this on my conditions.” I said turning swiftly.
“Which are?” Dr Martin asks. This was the first time I have heard him since I stepped into the room and his voice sounded really alluring.
“I don’t get forced to talk about my issues, I talk when I want to. Our discussions don’t get discussed with others and I don’t get judged or get judging looks or else we’re done with this therapy nonsense.” I said as I looked at my dad and a smiling Mr Martin.
“Done.” He echoed still smiling at me.
“I promise to go by your rules Miss Mirabelle.”

Good! I nodded as I turned to my father and smiled.
“Thanks Buzz. I’m here for you, okay baby?” I nodded smiling at him as he took my hand.

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      🙂. We’ll feature a follow up to this story shortly. Thank you

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    Hmmm! I feel like I should read the complete book already


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      We’re glad you enjoy reading from us. Thank you, ma’am

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    I long for more!

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