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“Good Morning, I’m Mr onyedimma Frank. I was told my daughter is on admission here” He said as he adjusts his suit and puts his phone in his pocket.
“Name of the patient please?” She asks as she writes on a notepad.
” Mirabelle Frank.”
“Oh yes Mr Frank, the doctor has been waiting to see you. Please come with me.” She said as she picks her pad and leads him in.

“Come in.” The doctor’s voice echoed as the nurse opens the door and ushers Mr Frank in.
“Good Morning Sir, this is Mr Frank, the father of the suicidal patient.” She said as she left almost immediately, shutting the door.
“Suicidal patient?” Mr Frank asks as he walks towards the already standing doctor.
“Please sit, sir.” The doctor says pointing to the chair across him as they both sit.
“Mr Frank, I’m Doctor Vincent. Your daughter’s lifeless body was wheeled in yesterday evening by 7:45pm with cuts on her left wrist and her under foot. She lost a lot of blood and we had to carry out a blood transfusion. It took a great deal of effort to resuscitate her. Your wife said she opened the room and saw her lying in her own pool of blood.”

” And that makes her sucidal? She could have been attacked, you never know.” Mr Frank said cutting the doctor shut, refusing to believe him.
“We asked her what happened when she surprisingly woke up last night and she said she did that to herself.” He said adjusting on his seat.
” I don’t understand, she said she did that? To herself? How could she? I mean she got everything she wanted, why would she want to die?” Mr Frank asks, looking bewildered.
” Maybe she did have everything but maybe not really everything.”
” What do you mean by that doctor?”
” Your wife and children were sent out of the room by her. I think her exact words were “I need my peace and quiet and these people inside here Doctor, aren’t helping one bit! I want them out of my room now!” Maybe she doesn’t want those things money can buy.” He said looking dead serious at the man seated across him.
“I just don’t get it.”
“When was the last time you saw your daughter Mr Frank? Like, had a real conversation with her?” He asks with fatherly concern in his eyes. Mr Frank places his hands on his jaws thinking about the question the doctor just asked him. He sighs realizing that since he signed a management deal with his recent company two years ago, the only conversation with his daughter has been about the things she needs and how much she wants. He had never felt so terrible and guilty in his entire life. He looked up at the doctor who probably expected him to answer the question asked.
“Can I see her please?” He asks calmly.

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    Chinenye Abba

    • December 23, 2020 at 11:26 pm

    May we never be too busy for the things that matter in life.

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